32 Phase Equilibrium Chapter Review

Important Equations

Pressure definition [latex]P=\frac{F}{A}[/latex]
Calculating pressure using a manometer [latex]P=P_{ref}+\rho g(h_{ref}-h)[/latex]
Converting gauge/absolute pressure [latex]\text{gauge pressure}=\text{absolute pressure}-\text{atmospheric pressure}[/latex]
Temperature conversions

Celsius to Kelvin:[latex]T (K) = T (°C) + 273.15[/latex]

Fahrenheit to Rankine: [latex]T (°R) = T (°F) + 459.67[/latex]

Kelvin to Rankine:

[latex]T (°R) = 1.8·T (K)[/latex]

Celsius to Fahrenheit: [latex]T (°F) = 1.8·T (°C) + 32[/latex]

Reduced properties



Gibb’s Phase Rule [latex]DF=2+c-\pi-r[/latex]
Ideal Gas Law



Dalton’s Law



Amgat’s Law



Relating ideal gas properties [latex]R=\frac{V_s·P_s}{n·T_s}=\frac{V·P}{n·T}[/latex]
Compressibility Factor [latex]\frac{PV}{RT}=Z[/latex]
Antoine Equation [latex]log_{10}(p^*)=A-\frac{B}{T+C}[/latex]
Raoult’s Law [latex]p_{i}=y_{i}·P=x_{i}·p_i^*(T)[/latex]
Henry’s Law [latex]p_{i}=y_{i}·P=\frac{x_{i}}{H_{i}(T)}[/latex]

Terms to know


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