Reaction Chemistry


In a chemical process, the rate of production is limited by the rate of reaction in the reactors. This chapter introduces methods to predict the rate of reaction and concentration of components. The reactions are analyzed using rate law, reaction equilibrium and reaction mechanisms. By learning this chapter, we can gain knowledge to select the optimal conditions for maximum production rate and model the productivity of our process.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

Calculate the reaction rate for the reaction and rate of formation of compounds
Calculate the reaction extent
Determine reaction order and rate constant from kinetic data
Analyze equilibrium reaction equations
Explain the effect of temperature on reaction rates
Analyze elementary reactions, reaction molecularity
Select the rate-determining step given the consecutive reactions and overall rate law of the reaction
Derive the rate law of a reaction using steady-state approximations to pre-equilibria assumptions
Understand kinetic and thermodynamic control


As you are going through this chapter, some important terms for you to take note of:

  • Reaction rate
  • stoichiometric coefficient
  • molarity
  • partial pressure
  • reaction rate law
  • rate constant
  • reaction order in a substance
  • overall order
  • isolation method
  • method of initial rates
  • linearize the equation
  • integrated rate law
  • zeroth/first/second-order rate laws
  • half-life
  • equilibrium constants
  • Arrhenius equation
  • frequency factor
  • activation energy
  • catalysts
  • reaction mechanism
  • elementary reactions
  • intermediates
  • molecularity
  • unimolecular reaction
  • bimolecular reaction
  • consecutive elementary reactions
  • steady-state approximation
  • rate-determining step
  • pre-equilibria
  • kinetic control
  • thermodynamic control



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