Appendix: Resources for Building PFDs and P&IDs

Resources for Building PFDs and P&IDs

  • Visio: available through the CHBE Parallel’s Client portal, as well as the CHBE computer labs
  • Visual Paradigm Online: includes specific process engineering equipment
  • AspenPLUS: you will use this in CHBE 376

Here is a thorough table of control symbology:

First Letter (X) Second or Third Letter (Y)
A Analysis Alarm
B Burner Flame
C Conductivity Control
D Density or Specific Gravity
E Voltage Element
F Flowrate
H Hand (Manually Initiated) High
I Current Indicate
J Power
K Time or Time Schedule Control Station
L Level Light or Low
M Moisture or Humidity Middle or Intermediate
O Orifice
P Pressure or Vacuum Point
Q Quantity or Event
R Radioactivity or Ratio Record or Print
S Speed or Frequency Switch
T Temperature Transmit
V Viscosity Valve, Damper, or Louver
W Weight Well
Y Relay or Compute
Z Position Drive


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