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Course Preparation Checklist


The CTLT will continue to support and prepare our faculty for continued successful instruction of our students. We recommend that UNBC faculty take some time to plan a course of action that best suits your teaching preferences, your curriculum-specific needs, and characteristics of your students. Feel free to use the following checklist as a guideline to your planning process.

If you are teaching a Face-to-Face course, you may want to check out these tips on Resilient Course Design


checkbox    My syllabus and/or the course outline is posted on & clearly labelled.

checkbox    I have included a list of all assignments, exams, and other assessment items with percentages/points of how much each item is worth.

checkbox    I have included a weekly schedule of dates, assignments & due dates, readings, so students know what is expected each week.

checkbox    I have checked my course plans using the Student Workload Calculator (also consider your grading workload x number of students)

checkbox    It is clear to students in the syllabus how the course will be presented (asynchronously, synchronously, or a blend) and which class sessions have required attendance and if they will be recorded.

checkbox    My self-introduction video or message is posted on along with my contact info

checkbox    I have posted my virtual office hours and contact information.

checkbox    I have added the recommended sections on Academic Integrity, Access Resource Centre, Student Resources available.



checkbox    My course modules are organized and set up properly in folders (Weekly Modules, Assignments, Exams & Quizzes, etc.)

checkbox    My course materials and content, assignments, and activities are posted and accessible on the learning management system

checkbox    The hyperlinks to my course materials have been tested and are accessible to students

checkbox    I have posted/created my assessment activities & assignment dropboxes with due dates on

checkbox    I have consulted with the Copyright Librarian and all of my resources are compliant

checkbox    I have considered Universal Design for Learning Guidelines (GUIDE) and accessibility of my materials by students with differing abilities (UDL Guidelines summary)
checkbox    I have thought about my teaching practice and philosophy by reviewing the Pillars of Pedagogy



checkbox    I have checked to see if any students in my course need Access Resource Centre Accommodations and I have made sure my quizzes/midterms/exams have appropriate Test exceptions created.

checkbox    MIDTERM & FINAL EXAMS, QUIZZES: It is highly recommended that faculty contact their designated CTLT Instructional Designer to set up midterms and final exams to ensure things go smoothly & stress free. Some test options and settings are complicated. It is also important that an Access Resource Centre (ARC) accommodations for students with disabilities are set correctly. The CTLT also has the ability to batch upload test questions so you do not have to manually enter them, one by one.



checkbox   My video content is accessible on using MyMedia features. ALL Video files and narrated Powerpoint files must be exported to video format and then uploaded to your MyMedia area before being embedded in the course.

checkbox   I have installed Kaltura Capture App on my desktop in case I need to record a video or presentation.

checkbox   My webcam and microphone work correctly and have been tested.



checkbox   I communicate regularly with my student using the announcement feature on

checkbox   I regularly organize and facilitate online discussions.

checkbox   I provide regular, timely feedback on assessments (e.g. quizzes, assignments, exams)

checkbox   I respond to my students’ questions within 24-48 hours

checkbox   I do informal feedback discussions with my students to check on their understanding and optionally, can conduct anonymous surveys and evaluations


Webconferencing Checklist (Synchronous Live)

Pre-session Preparation:  

checkbox   Equipment Required – A computer or laptop with stable internet connection (recommended browser to use: Google Chrome) Headphones or microphone Webcam

checkbox   You may use UNBC Zoom or the integrated Kaltura Classroom within (accessible through the Media Gallery)

checkbox   Practice using Kaltura Classroom features in advance: See Instructor Guide for more instructions
checkbox   Prepare your session materials by: Create a detailed session plan including timings and class expectations. Upload resources such as slides, graphics, or links to videos, etc. Create any poll questions with accompanying slides in advance.


Before Class Session (about 15-20 minutes prior to start):


checkbox   Clear screen of any private applications, documents or browser tabs (except the ones you want to share with the students

checkbox   Test audio and video (clear and working). Make sure you are on a fast internet connection and are located close to the modem or have a wired internet connection.

checkbox   Confirm your moderator/presenter role in settings

checkbox   Ensure your camera view is what you want students to see.


During the session:  

checkbox   Greet participants as they join the session

checkbox   Remind participants to test their microphone and speakers

checkbox   Give a brief overview of class expectations and how to use text chat or icons. This is a good time to tell participants how class interactions will work and where to locate features of the webconference tool.

checkbox   Do a check-in with emoticons, doodle on whiteboard, poll

checkbox   Start recording (if applicable). Inform participants the session is being recorded, including the main chat. See guide to record sessions.


End of session:  

checkbox   Session capture: if the session was being recorded, stop the recording and remind students where the session recordings will become available and where to find them in the course in



checkbox   I have reviewed the Instructor Guide

checkbox   Each program has a designated Instructional Designer  (contact the CTLT at and they will connect you). CTLT INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS are available to guide you through setting up your online course, discussing options to best achieve your learning outcomes and course requirements, advising on what has worked well at UNBC when teaching online, and to set up assessments, exams and quizzes and the various options.


Thanks to the Justice Institute of BC for creating the framework for this great checklist. (modified for UNBC)


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