Media, webconferencing, and lecture recording

Using audio and video within

UNBC is a member of the the Canadian National Research and Education Network Kaltura service.  This service is integrated with and allowing the UNBC community to create and share an unlimited amount of video and audio recordings. Uploaded files are automatically converted into multiple formats for a seamless viewing experience. No plugins or special software is required to view videos, and you can easily insert them into course sites or even on the web. has an easy to use media management space called ‘MyMedia’ that both you and your students can use. In fact, it’s a superior workflow for managing student video assignments. MyMedia allows you to:

  • upload media up to 2GB in size,
  • automatically caption your videos at a 85% accuracy level;
  • stream to viewers’ devices based on their screen size and internet connection
  • lecture capture your screen and webcam



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