Media, webconferencing, and lecture recording

Video submissions as assignments

Instructors have two options for student video assignment submissions

  • If you want all students in the course to be able to view all the video submissions, it is best to ask students to post their videos within a Forum.
  • If the video assignments are only to be seen by the author and the Instructor, then students should submit videos to an Kaltura Video Assignment

Creating a Kaltura Media Assignment

  1. Select [Add an activity or resource] within a topic in your course.

2. Select the [Kaltura Media Assignment] activity

3. Give the video assignment a name.  You can adjust the availability of the time, due date, and grade in these settings.

4. When you have these settings complete, select [Save and return to the course].


5. When students start submitting their video assignments, you will see them via the [Grade submissions] button.

You will be able to view assignments and grade them with the [Grade] link.

6. You will be able to view the student video, assign a grade, and provide some feedback.  When you are complete, select [Save changes]



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