Advanced Editing

The Editor Toolbar

When you initially enter Edit mode, your Editor Toolbar will be ‘collapsed’ displaying 13 features:

To expand the features on the Editor Toolbar, select the an ‘Expand’ (show more buttons)icon.

Doing so will engage 18 additional features on your toolbar:

Inserting an Image

You can insert and format an image in your text. There are a number of options for inserting an image. After selecting the Image icon on the toolbar, you will be prompted with the following:

To find the image you would like to insert, select the ‘Browse repositories‘. By doing so, you will be given the following options:

Once the file is uploaded, image properties can be edited (e.g. size, alignment).

Manage Files

This feature enables the user to upload files and organize into content Folders.


Embedding Audio and Video Content

This feature will take you to “My Media” where you can ‘Add New” files via Media Upload, Express Capture, Kaltura capture and insert a Video Quiz.


Note: It is highly recommended that recordings be completed using Kaltura Capture.
Insert HP5

You can insert HP5 content by by either entering a URL or by uploading a HP5 file.


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