Media, webconferencing, and lecture recording

Kaltura Meetings: Getting Started

1. Prepare your environment


  • Make sure you have reliable Wi Fi. It is recommended to connect the
    computer as close as possible to the router. Also, try to avoid sharing the
    router network and hotspots.


  • Plug your laptop into the power supply. Your computer might consume
    high CPU because the software runs on your computer’s camera and
    microphone. Therefore, the battery on your computer can run out faster.


  • If you run into network or high CPU issues, close Internet windows and
    other unnecessarily running apps. Also, consider turning off the camera.

2. Starting your session

1. Navigate to the Media Gallery in your course in
2. Select [Start Meeting]

3. Being seen and heard

  • Click the Gear icon¬† on the top toolbar.
  • Set up the camera, microphone, and audio you
    want to use in the live room.
  • If you have a problem activating your camera or
    microphone, see here for more assistance.


Determining If Your Webcam or Microphone Is Blocked by your Browser

When trying to activate your devices in a Kaltura Live Room, you might see a Devices Unavailable popup if your devices are unavailable due to your browser blocking access to your webcam and/or microphone.

What if My Browser is Blocking Access to My Webcam/Microphone?

You must allow Kaltura to access your devices to broadcast your webcam/microphone. To allow Kaltura to access your webcam or microphone, perform the following steps:

Via Chrome

  1. In the address bar on the left, click the Lock icon to display device permissions.
  2. Make sure Camera and Microphone are set to Allow.
  3. Click the Lock icon to close the pop up.
  4. Refresh your browser window.

Via Firefox

  1. In the address bar on the left, you will see camera & microphone icons with a slash through them. Click the Camera & Microphone icons.
  2. Click the X‘s corresponding to: Use the Microphone: Blocked Temporarily and Use the Camera: Blocked Temporarily.
  3. Refresh your browser window.
  4. Click Allow in the Firefox permission pop-up.


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