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Encourage Academic Integrity

Honour Statement Samples: They range from a sentence to a paragraph. Some places use a statement  for every test or assignment. Others, have a large pledge or document student sign then refer back to it.

Some examples of Academic Honesty pledges are below. Please feel free to copy and modify for your own uses.


[Place the UNBC Academic Integrity Statement below on the cover page of quizzes, exams and assignments] or in the description of the assignment in

In submitting this [quiz, exam or assignment], I confirm that my conduct during this [quiz, exam or assignment] adheres to the UNBC Student’s Right & Responsibilities Policy I confirm that I did NOT act in such a way that would constitute cheating, misrepresentation, or unfairness, including but not limited to, using unauthorized aids and assistance, impersonating another person, and committing plagiarism.

(adapted from the University of Toronto)

Academic Honesty Pledge

I certify that this submitted assignment represents entirely my own efforts. I have read and understand the University of Northern British Columbia’s policies regarding, and sanctions for, plagiarism.

Signature: __________________________________

Date: _______________________________________


Academic Honesty and Integrity Pledge – University of Northern British Columbia

Academic Honesty and integrity are essential principles of the University of Northern British Columbia. All students are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community. Students of professional programs have an even greater responsibility to maintain the highest level of academic honesty and integrity as they prepare to enter a profession with those principles as a cornerstone.

Cheating on exams or projects, plagiarizing or any other form of academic dishonesty are clear violations of these principles.

As a student of the School of __________________ at UNBC, I solemnly pledge to follow the policies, principles, rules, and guidelines of the University of Northern British Columbia with respect to academic honesty.

By signing this pledge, I promise to adhere to exam requirements and maintain the highest level of ethical principles during the exam.


________________________  ______________________

Signature                             Name

________________________  ______________________

Student Number               Date


 (adapted from the UBC Oakanagan) 
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UBC Oakanagan Academic Integrity Pledge

The University of Northern British Columbia’s Student Right’s & Responsibilities Policy can be found here:

UNBC Provost's Guidance on acceptability of generative AI use in courseworkPlease also read the official guidance for students and instructors at  UNBC Provost’s Guidance on the Acceptability of Using Generative AI in Coursework. 



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