Reusing Course Content

Do you have an  course from a past semester with content that you want to reuse and edit for this semester?

Did a co-worker teach the same class last year and tell you that you could use their work?

You can reuse course content, this feature in is called Importing. Importing is taking some of or all of the content from one course and transferring it into another.

Protecting intellectual property is very important at UNBC so there are only 2 specific cases where you will be allowed to import:

  1. When you are listed as the “Teacher” in the participant list of both the course you want to transfer content from, and the course you want to add content to.
  2. The course owner, or “Teacher”, has emailed permission that allows us to make the import for you.

Importing content

  1. Go into the course you would like to import into.  In the top menu select .
  2. If the course you wish to import does not show on the list, scroll down until you see the search text box. The search text box is located below the text “There are too many results, enter a more specific search”. Enter the course short name into the text box and click Search.
  3. Select the course you wish to import and click Continue. In the example below, CourseX-Fall2022 is selected.
  4. You will be presented with 2 options:You can click Jump to final step if you want to import everything/all elementsOR

    You can click Next and you will be taken to a page that presents a list of all the elements of the course you are importing. All of the elements will be selected by default, so deselect the elements you do not want to be imported over (see example below) and then click Next, again.

  5. Review the import settings and if they are all correct click Perform import. 
  6. Back to your course now, review all the material imported and edit it accordingly (Note: you will have two Announcements forums now, please delete one).


The following video demonstrates these steps


Requesting Help

You are welcome to email if you are wanting us to do an import for you.

Your email must:

  • Include the exact course name that you wish to import from.  Providing us the CRN ensures we get the correct course and section you wish to use.
  • Verifiy that you have the course instructor’s permission to use their course. This email must come from the course instructor directly.
  • Clearly state where you want this content imported.  Please provide your new course name and CRN.
  • Clearly state what you would wish to copy (i.e. the whole course, question bank only, etc)
  • Be sent from your UNBC email .



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