Before considering using the gradebook in it is important to consider how you will be collecting assessment items.

If you are assigning assignments, how are you collecting them? Are students printing a hard copy to give to you in class or are you having your students submit via an assignment drop box in If students are submitting via you will need to add the assignment drop box to your course, you can keep it hidden until you finalize the due dates and description.

If you are asking students to complete quizzes, how are you facilitating these? Are students completing quizzes in class, or are you having your students complete them online in If through, you will need to add a quiz activity to your course as well, you can keep it hidden until you finalize the day and time students will take the quiz!

Other activities that are automatically added to the gradebook are Forum when Whole forum grading is turned on, and some H5P activities. There are tips and tricks for removing these activities from grade calculations but for now let’s stick to the basics.

Video: Applying weights to grade items

A video demonstrating the gradebook setup using weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hide Grades?

The visibility of students’ grades in Moodle is controlled by you, the course teacher. So, maybe you have set aside a few days to mark your final assignment,  and you don’t want students to be able to view their mark until you have completed marking the final for everyone. You can hide this grade until you are ready.

To do this:

Go into the gradebook setup, find the activity or item you want to hide and next to it, under actions select Edit then select Hide.

How to export Grades?

  1. Go into your course and click Grades.
  2. Select Export
  3. Select what type of file you would like to export. For familiarity and ease of use, the CTLT recommends Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Under Grade items to be included, deselect select which graded items you do not want to be included in this spreadsheet. OR, click Select all/none in blue at the bottom of this section and then check off which items you would like included.
  5. Then, under the export format options, select the options you would like and check off the box next to Include feedback in export if you would like your feedback to the students also included in your spreadsheet.
  6. Click Download.

How to see what the student sees (their course grades)?

You can preview what your students see when they go to look at their grades, if you like. This could be useful if a student keeps telling you they cannot see their course total or certain grades in your class and you want to see what they are seeing and if the issue lies with your gradebook setup or not.

To do this:

1. Select your Grades tab

2. Select your Grader report option.

3. Select the icon to the left of the pencil icon, to see the grades of that particular student. This shows you what the student sees when they are looking at their grades for your class.


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