Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology


Exercises: Read & Learn

Exercises: Watch & Learn

Myths about Psychology, Debunked explores some of the enduring myths in psychology

Video 1.1:  10 Myths about Psychology, Debunked. ( Uploaded by Ben Ambridge for TedxYouth@Manchester

Exercises: Watch & Learn

Nature vs. Nurture: For a clear introduction to the debate

Video 1.2: Nature vs. Nurture  ( uploaded by PsychU 

Exercises: Do & Think

  1. Interview some friends and/or family members to see what they think a “psychologist” does. How accurate are their views?
  2. Think of a behaviour of your own that you might like to change (e.g. you might want to smoke less or exercise more). Does trying to understand the behaviour at the different levels of explanation (p. 7) help you think of different things you could do to change the behaviour?
  3. Today in the History of Psychology: This website allows you to choose any date in the calendar and see what happened on that date in the field of Psychology. For example, on the 1st of April (1906) the Journal of Abnormal Psychology was published for the first time. See if anything remarkable happened on your birthday! (
  4. Read the section on how to effectively learn and remember and come up with a list of four or five strategies you can use to improve your study habits.


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