Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology

True or False?


As well as writing down your answer see if you can write down WHY the statement is true or false AND what else you can remember about the topic.

For example:
Statement: The Structuralism school of Psychology was influenced by Darwin.
Answer: False. Darwin influenced the Functionalists. Wundt was a Structuralist while James was a Functionalist. Structuralism focused on basic elements or building blocks of experiences.


  1. Most behaviour has a single cause.
  2. Wundt was an important contributor to the Structuralism school of Psychology.
  3. Aristotle believed that behaviour was mostly the result of nurture.
  4. Cognitive Psychology focuses on mental processes.
  5. The Functionalism school of Psychology was founded by Freud.
  6. The lower level of explanation focuses on interpersonal processes.
  7. Hindsight bias refers to people’s tendency to have positive memories of their childhood.
  8. Over time, psychology changed from being a philosophical to a scientific discipline.
  9. Introspection involves asking people to report on their own mental processes as they happen.
  10. Forensic psychology focuses on issues relevant to the criminal justice system.


  1. false
  2. true
  3. true
  4. true
  5. false
  6. false
  7. false
  8. true
  9. true
  10. true


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