Chapter 14: Treating Psychological Disorders

Learning Objectives

  • Outline and differentiate the psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioural and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy.
  • Explain the behavioural and cognitive aspects of cognitive-behavioural therapy and how CBT is used to reduce psychological disorders.
  • Classify the different types of drugs used in the treatment of mental disorders and explain how they each work to reduce disorder.
  • Critically evaluate direct brain intervention methods that may be used by doctors to treat patients who do not respond to drug or other therapy.
  • Explain the advantages of group therapy and self-help groups for treating disorder.
  • Evaluate the procedures and goals of community mental health services.
  • Summarize the ways that scientists evaluate the effectiveness of psychological, behavioural and community service approaches to preventing and reducing disorders.
  • Summarize which types of therapy are most effective for which disorders.



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