Chapter 15: Psychology in Our Social Lives

True or False?

Remember – try to go beyond just True or False.  What do you know about the topic?


  1. Milgram’s (in)famous studies explored under what circumstances people were prepared to reward others.
  2. An intimate relationship is characterized by caring, warmth, social support and acceptance.
  3. Groupthink involves making better decisions than the members of the group would make on their own.
  4. People tend to perform better when they have an audience provided they are good at the task to start with.
  5. People are described as being interdependent if they rely on each other to meet their goals.
  6. The fundamental attribution error describes our tendency to assume that other people are more religious than we are.
  7. Prejudice refers to actions, while discrimination refers to beliefs.
  8. People are more likely to be altruistic if they are experiencing guilty feelings.
  9. People are more likely to be altruistic if they are in a good mood.
  10. Latané and Darley argued that the social situation is largely irrelevant in influencing whether someone will help another person.


  1. false
  2. true
  3. false
  4. true
  5. true
  6. false
  7. false
  8. true
  9. true
  10. false