Chapter 15: Psychology in Our Social Lives

Fill in the Blank(s)


  1. The social norm that condones and even encourages responding to insults with aggression is known as the ________ ________ ________.
  2. We may conform because we want to be liked by others, this is known as ________ conformity.
  3. ________ involves attributing personality characteristics to people on the basis of their physical appearance or membership of a social group.
  4. The implicit association test aims to measure ________ stereotyping.
  5. Our tendency to underestimate the impact of the situation and overestimate the role of personal factors when we try to explain other people’s behaviour is known as the ________________ ________.
  6. ________ ________ is the tendency to perform tasks more poorly when other people are present.
  7. Milgram’s (in)famous studies focused on ________.
  8. The study of ________ ________ investigates what makes people like, and even love, each other.
  9. On average, viewing violent media ________ aggression.
  10. ________ ________ refers to the discomfort we experience when we choose to behave in ways that conflict with our beliefs or attitudes.


  1. culture of honour
  2. normative
  3. stereotyping
  4. unconscious
  5. fundamental attribution error  …… correspondence bias is also an acceptable answer.
  6. social inhibition
  7. obedience
  8. interpersonal attraction
  9. increases
  10. cognitive dissonance


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