Chapter 3: Psychological Science

Fill in the Blank(s)


  1. When above-average values for one variable tend to be associated with below-average values for the other variable, the two variables are ________ ________ .
  2. ________ statements are based on systematic collection and analysis of data.
  3. The goal of ________ research is to provide a snapshot of the current state of affairs.
  4. In an experiment, the researcher manipulates the ________ variable and measures the ________ variable.
  5. The most common method of creating equivalence among the experimental conditions in an experiment is to use ________ ________.
  6. Case studies, surveys and naturalistic observation are types of ________ research.
  7. The standard deviation measures ________.
  8. The mode is the value that occurs ________ frequently in a distribution.
  9. An experiment has ________ validity if we trust the conclusions that have been drawn about the causal relationship between the IV and DV.
  10. The process of repeating previous research is known as ________.


  1. negatively correlated
  2. empirical
  3. descriptive
  4. independent, dependent
  5. random assignment
  6. descriptive
  7. dispersion  ….. variability would also be an acceptable answer
  8. most
  9. internal
  10. replication


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