Chapter 4: Brains, Bodies and Behaviour

Learning Objectives

After studying this chapter you should be able to:

  • Describe the structure and functions of the neuron.
  • Draw a diagram of the pathways of communication within and between neurons.
  • List three of the major neurotransmitters and describe their functions.
  • Describe the structures and functions of the “old brain” and its influence on behaviour.
  • Explain the structure of the cerebral cortex (its hemispheres and lobes) and the function of each area of the cortex.
  • Define the concepts of brain plasticity, neurogenesis and brain lateralization.
  • Compare and contrast the techniques that scientists use to view and understand brain structures and functions.
  • Summarize the primary functions of the CNS and the subsystems of the PNS.
  • Explain how the electrical components of the nervous system and the chemical components of the endocrine system work together to influence behaviour.



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