Pneumonia and Pulmonary Edema

Patient narratives of Pneumonia

Jennifer Kong

There are two case studies on pneumonia with COPD.

Both case studies follow similar – but not identical – health journeys of elderly women with COPD who develop pneumonia, thus exacerbating their COPD.  Both case studies demonstrate the many similarities in the diagnosis of pneumonia, treatment, and interactions with health care team.

In one case study, Miki Huang is a non English-speaker and relies heavily on her daughter as her translator and patient advocate Appendices: Case study for Pneumonia (Miki Huang). Contrast this with the other case study of  Erin Johns who is an English-speaker and has no problem being her own patient advocate Appendices: Case Study for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and pneumonia (Erin Johns).    Although the underlying pathology is the same (ie pneumonia causing an exacerbation of COPD),  Miki and Erin’s perspectives are quite different.

Miki’s case study was written by UBC English student Annabelle Liao in 2022.  Erin Johns case study is from the Open Ed textbook “Health Case Studies” written by Rees, Kruger, & Morrison


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