Appendices: Case study for Pneumonia


Annabelle Liao

Day 5

Time: 10h00 

Place: Medical Unit

Jim, the registered nurse (RN), walks with Dr. Hunicutt to Miki’s room.

“Hi Ms. Huang. This is Dr. Hunicutt and he has some great news for you.”


Dr. Hunicutt nods towards Linda as well. “Ms. Huang, you have been off oxygen for 24 hours, and your X-ray from a couple of days ago improved from where you were first admitted, so I think you are ready to go home.”


Linda is ecstatic. Obviously, she is thrilled that her mother is better and healthy again, but a part of her is even happier that she can have her life back and get on track with her normal routine. She never thought she would miss the mundane nature of her normal workday, but now she craves it. The past few days of being a patient advocate and translator has thoroughly exhausted her and she is more than ready to go home.


Miki is also equally excited to be going home. Home is where the familiar food, comprehensible television shows, and peace and quiet are. And of course, her prized karaoke machine. Although welcomed and respected for the most part of the hospital, there was never truly a moment where she felt as if she belonged, but at least the doctors were able to heal her. Her mind is racing thinking about all the good, recognizable things at home, and it takes her a moment to realize that the doctor is still speaking to Linda.


“Now, this does not mean resuming normal activities yet. You are still going to be tired, and I still want you to take the antibiotics for another week to ensure that we have fully cleared up your pneumonia. If you stop taking them, you will be back here and much worse off.”


“Okay, you hear that, Mom? No karaoke for a while and don’t forget about your medicine.”


Nurse Jim turns to Linda. “Now, as the registered nurse, I have a few more strategies and tips to give you to make sure that your mom doesn’t wind up here again anytime soon, as much as we will miss her.” He provides discharge instructions to Linda, who diligently notes them down.

Linda & Miki in an embrace
Day 5 Miki is discharged from hospital and embraces Linda. Image created by Sarah Pinault using a CC-BY-NC- ND license.


This section has been from Health Case Studies by Glynda Rees, Rob Kruger, and Janet Morrison.


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