Technology holds boundless potential to improve teaching and learning. Open Education ensures that teachers, learners and institutions can fully explore this potential. Imagine an American History textbook with the latest news from the run-up to the 2018 election, or a math tutorial that incorporates local landmarks into word problems. All of this and more is possible when the pathways for technology in education are fully open. (SPARC, 2020)

For this activity, you will find an open educational resource in an open education repository and review the content, license, and file format for adaption.

Find an OER using a repository. The OER can be in any format or subject area that interests you.

Review the content. Using the Faculty Guide for Evaluating OER evaluate the OER for reuse.

Review the license and file format. Identify if the OER license is compatible for adaption and under what conditions. Identify if the file format will make it easy to edit.

List of OER Repositories

Complete this Activity

Share in the comments what you learned from the process. For example, asnwer the following quesiotns:

  • Was it easy to find a resource in your area?
  • After you applied the Faculty Guide for Evaluating OER what areas was the resource lacking?
  • Was the license and format information easy to find?
Image Credit: Is licensing really the most important question for OER? by opensource.com license under CC BY-SA 2.0


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