Thanks for attending the synchronous kick-off session. We wanted to follow up with an archive of the session.

Session Recording

We have shared an edited version of the session Zoom recording below.


Session Slides

We have embedded the session slides below.


Map Activity

We have embedded the Padlet map activity below. If you haven’t had the chance already, you may want to browse the map and take a look where different members of the cohort are located.

Breakout Room Google Document

During the session, you participated in a group activity where you shared the answers to the questions below in small groups. We have gone through the notes that you added to the Google doc, organized these and described some of the resources that you shared. You may want to spend some time going through some of the links to open projects that groups shared during the session. Compiled Notes from the activity

  • What inspired you to participate in this program?
  • What kinds of open scholarship practices/projects interest you?
  • Share a link in this doc to an open project(s) that interest you.


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