Learning Lounges

Learning Lounges are optional for you to attend. They are drop-in sessions to provide you with an unstructured space to ask questions and work on further developing your capstone project. The sessions will be held weekly in April 2021.

General Discussion Forum

Use the general discussion forum for any questions, ideas, or resources you may have for the capstone project. Facilitators will monitor the general discussion forum to assist you with your capstone project questions.

Final Meet-up Lightning Talks

The final POSE synchronous meet-up on April 29th (10-11:30) will include a wrap-up of the program and an invitation for participants to deliver lightning talks.

The lightning talks will be a series of short, 5-7 minute talks by participants sharing their capstone project work. The talks are meant to be informal and low barrier, and do not require the development of slides or speaker notes. However, if participants would like to screen share during their talk, this option will be available to them.

A call for lightning talk participants will be sent through the program updates in April.


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