Replicability for research means that the same workflow is used by different people for a research project using a new dataset yielding different but expected results. What happens to research that can’t be replicated?

For this activity, you will read the case study of Liliana Mayes, a third-year doctoral student in developmental psychology who is dealing with an issue of replicability with her research.       

As you are reading, take on the role of a fifth-year graduate student who is friendly with Liliana but uninvolved in her research program.  She has described her situation to you and asks for your advice.


Case Study

Replicability – A Case Study was adapted from Lane, K. A., Urry, H. L., & Arnal, J. D. (2018, June 24). Replication in the Classroom – A Case Study. Retrieved from osf.io/xhbjw

Complete this Activity

In the comments below, write a reflection on the following:

  • Should Liliana follow her advisor’s recommendation and publish the paper as soon as possible, or should she heed Dr. Hobson’s caution? 
  • If she does not choose to publish the research, what should her next steps be?

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