OER-enabled pedagogy is the set of teaching and learning practices only possible or practical when you have permission to engage in the 5R activities.

For this activity, Identify one or more OER from OER collections or elsewhere, and build a simple learning activity around them.

As you build the activity, consider these questions from Wiley & Hilton:

  • Are students asked to create new artifacts or revise/remix existing OER?
  • Does the new artifact have value beyond supporting the learning of its author?
  • Are students invited to publicly share their new artifacts or revised/remixed OER?
  • Are students invited to openly license their new artifacts or revised/remixed OER?

Then share a description of that activity as a response to this challenge.

For Example

“An open resources web page: Ecology Issues Project contains a suggestion on how to evaluate and grade student presentations. So I will adapt this assessment example to evaluate next semester presentations.” – From a sample activity from the UDG Agora activity bank.

Complete this Activity

After you do this assignment, please share it with the comment below so it can appear with other responses. If your response exists at a publicly viewable URL, you can add the information in the box below.

Attribution: This activity was adapted from one originally created by Brian Lamb for UdG Agora Challenge Bank, shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. 


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