Congrats! You’ve reached the end of the content modules of POSE. Now that you have had a chance to explore different topics in open scholarship, in the final Capstone unit you’ll have an opportunity to apply an open strategy to an aspect of your own work. The unit will guide you through putting what you have learned in the previous units into practice through a project.

Key dates for the Capstone Unit:

  • April 1 – Capstone Unit Released
  • April 8 – Capstone Learning Lounge; 11am to 1pm. Register here
  • April 15 – Capstone Learning Lounge; 11am to 1pm. Register here
  • April 22 – Capstone Learning Lounge; 11am to 1pm; Register here
  • April 29 – POSE Wrap Up; 10am to 11:30am; Register here

Even if you have just been auditing the course and do not plan to complete a capstone project, you are are still welcome to drop by a learning lounge to engage in discussion around the application and practice of open scholarship. More so, you are encouraged to attend the POSE wrap-up on April 29th where participants will have an opportunity to share their capstone projects and to share their experience of the program.


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