OSF, formerly known as the Open Science Framework, is a workflow management web application that provides a central landing place for project components that may be scattered across many different digital workspaces and might be owned by different people. OSF provides a central place to bring together collaborators, project files, and to track versions of things.

For this activity, you will learn about OSF and engage in a few activities to become familiar with the tool. Choose from one of two activities to complete:

  1. Attend a workshop on February 11 from 11am – 12pm on OSF
  2. Or review the UBC OSF Workshop Documents to complete the following:

For Example

See just what you can connect to OSF in this sample project using a mock research project.

Complete this Activity

To complete this activity, attend the workshop or complete the 5 tasks in the OSF Activity Worksheet. Share a link to your published OSF project in the comments below.

Image Credit: Image used on featured image: Open Science by kholmber. (Pixabay License)


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