Adapting openly licensed content allows you to modify a useful resource to specifically fit your context. Modifying maps or images to draw attention to a particular quality is one example of this.

Find an openly licensed image and use Pixlr (or another image manipulation program of your choice) and share your creation for others to reuse.

To find a openly licensed image: You can find openly licensed images from the OER Guide from the UBC Library website.

Choose an image and download it. If it requires attribution, be sure to keep track of the attribution and license information. If the image is you are using is ND (No Derivatives), review the Creative Commons module to determine if the changes you are making to the image are not considered as adaptations and do not violate the terms of the ND license.

After you have downloaded the image, edit the image using image editing software. You can try using free software tools like Pixlr express to edit the image.

Share the revised image to your Flickr account, social media, blog or website for others to revise and reuse. Be sure to attribute the original properly, as explained in the Creative Commons module.

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Image Credit: Image used on featured image:  Lawrence Lessig Remix Party by José Carlos Cortizo Pérez (CC by 2.0)


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