Traditional assignments can often serve very well to encourage students to learn and apply information, gain research and other skills, engage in problem solving, and more. And if done well, they can show instructors the level of mastery students have achieved. However, they often do not provide any further value to the world after they’re completed.

For this activity, take five minutes and decide how you could transform one of the below assignments to be open. How would you change the assignment? What resources are needed? How does this shift change the nature of the activity/assignment? How do you assess the activity?

  • Write a 500 word summary of an academic topic related to the course theme. Please include at least three references to academic journal articles.
  • Complete the weekly multiple choice quiz based on the readings and lecture from this week.
  • Working with your group, explore the UBC Library collections and write a 12 page paper using archival material on the BC Gold Rush.
  • Take a 20 point calculus exam. Show your work.


Complete this Activity

To complete this activity, please reflect on the questions above and write a short description of the new or changed assignment. Then, please share your ideas below so it can appear with other responses. If your response exists at a public viewable URL, you can add the information in the comment box.


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