Although as educators we may find an open textbook or open educational resources that we can use without adapting it, this is often not the case.

For this activity, you will identify a textbook or a resource that you could adopt for your course as a replacement for a current publisher resource and you will determine how you would need to adapt it for your context.

To find an open resource, navigate to one of the open textbook and open resource repositories listed on this page.

Search the repository for a text or a resource that you could use in a course your teach or support that would displace a current paid resources.

Explore how you would need to adapt this resource in order to use it in your context. To do this consider the examples of OER Adaption.

  1. Diversity, Accessibility & Inclusive Design
  2. Translation
  3. Updating
  4. Learning Design

You may want to consider other criteria such as contextualization or localization as well.

Complete this Activity

After you do this assignment, please share it with the comment below so it can appear with other responses. Share what OER you selected and what adaptations would be required. If your response exists at a publicly viewable URL, you can add the information in the box below.

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