Dear POSE participants,

I hope that you have managed to find some time to enjoy the spring weather. In this update, we will share information about the final POSE capstone unit and the final open project.

Looking Back

On March 31st we had the incredible opportunity of joining Maha Bali for the monthly Open Chat. During this session, Maha discussed open education and some of the ways that we can continue to emphasize social justice in our open practice. You can view the recording in the POSE Canvas course.

We have now finished up the Open Education unit and are moving on to the final Capstone unit. While many of you have completed the open education learning activities, we are noticing that some of you are finishing up this unit. All of the units will stay open for completion until the POSE course ends on April 29th and we encourage those of you who have not completed learning activities from the previous units to jump back in and complete them. A quick reminder that those of you who have completed all of the required program elements will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the POSE program.

Looking Ahead

For the final unit,  you will be applying what you have learned to complete a capstone project for the program that is focused on open access, open research, or open education. The capstone project can take a wide variety of forms and will depend on what you would like to accomplish. The project can range from a small simple project to a more complex one. This is an opportunity for you to develop an open project and receive feedback and support as you develop it.

We have described the project in detail in the Capstone unit. As a first step, please spend some time going through the Capstone unit, where you will find a description of the project, examples, and a project template.

To support you develop the project we have set up a series of Learning Lounges. Join these lounges to receive support for your project from our facilitators. The Learning Lounges are optional, but they are a great opportunity to get feedback and guidance on your approach and project.

The project is due by the Capstone session on April 29th. Please make sure to share your project in the Capstone discussion topic by that time. We would also like to offer you the opportunity to share the project you have developed as part Lighting Talks we have for the final session. Please contact us directly if this interests you open.ubc@ubc.ca


The POSE Facilitation Team


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