Open educational resources can be used to to supplement your course. Faculty and instructors can also replace publisher resources with open textbook and OER. Complete this activity if you would like to get started finding OER.

Use one of the suggested OER collections or open search tools at right, and identify some open educational resources that you might use in your teaching. You may want to identify textual content, images, videos or online media.

Once you have found a resource consider how you might integrate this in your course. Consider some of the following questions:

  1. Are the OER ready for you to use already? If not, what would you need to do to use them?
  2. In which part of your course would you use this OER?
  3. Would the OER displace a current resource or would it be supplementary?

Find OER

Use one of the repositories and websites below to find an OER that you can use in your teaching practice.

Complete this Activity

After you do this assignment, please share it with the comment below so it can appear with other responses. If your response exists at a publicly viewable URL, you can add the information in the box below.

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