An open source, web based graphical text analysis application. Upload a text, or find one online and start your analysis with things like word frequency lists, frequency distribution plots, and keywords in context. Built for the digital humanities, it’s applications can definitely reach further.

For this activity you will analyze a text using Voyant.

Find a text you want to analyze. If you don’t already have one, go to Project Gutenberg Canada and select a text. What the site lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in content!

Head over to Voyant Tools and plug in your text https://voyant-tools.org/ All you’ll need is the url for the text, for example, either the html or the epub link from Project Gutenberg Canada.

Explore the results.

Get in depth guidance through the Voyant Tools help pages https://voyant-tools.org/docs/#!/guide/start

For Example

A text analysis of the novel Crossed Swords by Alloway, Mary Wilson using Voyant Tools

Complete this Activity

To complete the activity, share the following:

  • Using the Export a URL (top right menu) function and copy and paste the URL in the comments.
  • Share some brief thoughts and ideas about the tool.

Image Credit: Image used on featured image:Twitter wordcloud by JSutherland (WMF) (CC by SA 4.0)


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