The capstone project can take a wide variety of forms and will depend on what you would like to accomplish. For example, if you are interested in engaging with the Open Research unit by creating an OSF account for a project, your project output is your OSF space.

To complete the capstone you will need to share information about what your project is, why you decided on this specific project, and what are the expected outcomes of your capstone project.

This information will be shared in the Capstone Project Discussion Forum as your final activity for POSE.

The following provides some guidance on the structure for sharing your completed project in the discussion forum. The list is not meant to be prescriptive but simply a guide on what you can share about your project.

Brief Description

Provide a brief description of what your capstone project will be. 

Project Mission

Missions are meant to be broad and longer-term, so your project will at most be making a step in this direction, as opposed to achieving it completely. Discuss what it is that you want to achieve through your project.

Project Goals

Discuss the specific outcome(s) you are trying to achieve through your project. A helpful formulation of goals is “X in order to Y by Z” where X is a concrete action, Y is a measurable outcome, and Z is a timeframe. Goals should meaningful and can be both short-term and long-term.

Project Outcomes

Now that you have your project idea, tell us what your project will actually do. Highlight the activities you engage in to reach your goal.

Project Link

If appropriate, share a link to your capstone project output, for example, a link to an OSF page or an open educational repository upload.

If you would like to download template for your capstone project, go to Capstone Project Guidelines Template [Link].


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