Find a work that you have created (it can be a resource, powerpoint presentation, or image) add a Creative Commons license to it. Alternatively, you can also create a work from scratch and license it with a Creative Commons license.

When you are licensing your work with a Creative Commons license, consider the following:

  • Copyright: Do you own the copyright to give your work a Creative Commons License? Or, if you are using other works in your own work, are they openly licensed?
  • Choosing the license: Would you like to prevent other people from using your work for commercial purposes or prevent others from adapting your work? Review What are the different types of Creative Commons Licenses? section from the Creative Commons Module.
  • Reusability: If you decide not to license your work as ND (No Derivatives), consider how you share your work. Review Applying a CC license to and sharing one’s own work section from the Creative Commons Module.

For Example

Resources for UBC Inclusive Design Workshop by Josie Grey

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Image Credit: Image used on featured image: The license types logos, and the CC logo, are from the Creative Commons downloads web page, used under the CC Trademark Policy.


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