The module is composed of textual and video content on topics related to open data. The module is structured to actively engage you in reflection and practice. Not all interactions are required for the completion of the module.

The following outlines the types of interactives and their status for module completion:


Reflections are questions and ideas posed to participants to critically think about key issues related to the module. A final module reflection is assigned at the end of the module. Status: Optional Except Final Module Reflection

Scenarios / Test Your Knowledge

Scenarios are case studies or examples of the key issues in the module in practice through the perspective of a persona. The scenarios are designed to ask complex questions about topics within familiar examples. Test Your Knowledge provides participants with an opportunity to answer multiple-choice questions on key areas to ensure an understanding of core facts. Status: Mandatory

Dig deeper

Dig deeper are additional resources facilitators have identified to further your learning on a specific topic within the module. Participants can use this content to “dig deeper” into the content. Status: Optional

Activity Bank

The Activity Bank are activities listed throughout the module. The activities will vary and make require analyzing content, engaging with a tool, or both. The completed activities are openly shared in the Learning Activities section of the site. Status: Mandatory


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