Chapter 11: Ostomy care

11.3 Summary

Having an ostomy whether it be a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy  can be a life changing event. Nursing care includes attention to the physical care and recovery after surgery plus ongoing attention to emotional and psychological elements of holistic care. This chapter reviewed the nature of different types of ostomies and the care and maintenance involved in caring for these types of drainage systems.

Key Takeaways

  • Know the type of ostomy and the nature of the drainage to be expected.
  • Teaching the client about ostomy self care is a significant part of nursing care of clients with these devices.
  • Care of clients with ostomies requires an holistic approach.
  • Ostomy care is a specialized skill. This chapter provided a brief introduction only. Mastery takes years.

Suggested Online Resources

Ostomy Canada Society This is a resource for individuals and their families living with ostomies. The website contains up-to-date information on a variety of ostomy related topics.


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