Special thanks to those without whom this adapted book would not have been possible.

Thank you to Glynda Rees Doyle, Jodie Anita McCutcheon and the team that put together the original text book. Your work is high quality and has made the adaptation for use at Thompson Rivers University School of Nursing so much easier.

Thank you to Leon Racicot (TRU Media Services) for filming the videos and editing.  Thank you to my nursing colleagues Wendy McKenzie, Kim Morris, Shari Caputo, Candace Walker, Joanne Jones and Kathryn Smith all Registered Nurses and all nurse educators who graciously shared their talents and expertise. In some cases it was in the creation of videos, sometimes it was in reviewing content and providing expert feedback;  other times the collection of student feedback as the text was trialed with students.

Thank you to the TRU  community who supported this work through a OER development grant including the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, to the Open Learning colleagues who are experts in their craft and to administration who support the idea of open educational resources for students. Thank you Open Learning Faculty – Nicole Singular, Patrice Hall, Christopher Ward and Jon Fulton for your support with formatting, copyrighting, editing, and tech support respectively.

Finally, thank you to my family for their support, encouragement, and patience in the journey through writing this resource, and the unanticipated additional hours and hours of work.


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